The Marlow Podiatry Clinic

The Marlow Podiatry Clinic

Mr. Ronak Lakani is retiring from The Marlow podiatry clinic at the end of May having worked for 18 years helping patients with foot care problems. He will be greatly missed.

The podiatry services will very much remain open but become part of Thames Foot Clinic led by Miss Sally feeney Consultant Podiatric Surgeon.

Ms Feeney will continue to practice within the business with her focus on the management of painful conditions such as bunions, hammer toes, arthritic joints, neuroma and ingrowing toenails to name but a few.

Ms Feeney has several locations close to Marlow including the Shelbourne Hospital, the Chiltern Hospital, Berkshire Independent hospital and the Spire Dunedin Hospital.

She is happy to receive self funded and medical insurance referrals as well as NHS referrals in Reading, via the GP.

If you have a question regarding your painful foot condition, please contact us for more information

If you are looking for help with a routine care appointment, we are happy to help direct you to an appropriate clinician in the local area.

Although we have lost our ability to offer routine care within the clinic, the focus is very much on the management of all foot problems and whether this is via advice, physiotherapy or a surgical solution. Ms Feeney is happy to discuss all the options with you in one of her clinics.