Bunions and big toe bumps

What is a Bunion?

As a consultant of 15 years, I see many patients who present to my clinic with concerns relating to their feet and pain that interfere with their daily activities. One of the main problems I treat are bunion deformities.

Quite often I find that a bunion isn’t always a bunion, and some bumps around the big toe joint can be a reflection of arthritis in the joint.

A bunion tends to be more prominent on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe and pressure from shoes results in pain. A bump on top of the foot at the base of the big toe usually means arthritis which can also be very painful and cause footwear challenges.

I find both problems are equally troublesome and, on some occasions, people can have both conditions at the same time which can cause a great deal of pain and problems finding comfortable shoes. Each patient I see has a very individual problem and I like to spend time discussing the specific concerns they have and how their pain is impacting their quality of life. The information I gather from the consultation allows me to design a personalised treatment plan which we review together.

Bunion Treatment

During our consultation, X-rays are taken which we review so I can explain what is happening with the foot and also how it can be treated.
On a lot of occasions, these painful joints can be treated conservatively with footwear alterations, insoles and sometimes with injections. However, the majority of bunions and joint problems do require surgical intervention to resolve the problem completely.

As each patient is an individual, I am happy to discuss any concerns and the available treatment options during a face-to-face consultation. X-ray’s below highlight pre and post-operative images following bunion surgery. Information can also be found on my bunion information booklet found on my website Thames Foot Clinic.